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Selling 'Need Work' Versus Move In Ready Properties

As a real estate broker, every now and then you come across sellers that are reluctant to change the look of their homes. But convincing them to clean up their property for pictures is a good way to start the preparation of your best and newest marketing campaign.

The pictures have to look amazing to compete in a market saturated with new developments glamour and real estate reality tv perfection. But the flawless sales office look comes with a hefty price tag when filling up an apartment with rental furniture to show that the room is large enough for that sectional does not impress prospective buyers like it did in the past.

Clean is key. Even when the seller is not willing to spend too much money staging, decluttering and cleaning will go a long way to let buyers see the space without distraction. Leaving a few good accent pieces also triggers strong reactions. Stagers are often choosing to work with bright, sleek and simpler choices, but without losing the style.

Buyers have become more sophisticated and looking for places that have more characteristic than homes that look staged. Bland does not entice. Buyers want to feel they can live in that home or they will keep looking for the perfect place without having to spend so much time and money working on a property that most of the times they cannot see through the transformation process.

Doing the work needed to prepare properties to show their best attributes can set them apart from other listings because every property is different. Just a little tweak can highlight that and bring buyers closer to the closing table.


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