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How to Make a Minimalist Decoration

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

When we stage or decorate a home, we always aim to produce a clean and harmonious environment. It begins with clearing all surfaces of clutter. Then we choose a neutral base and prioritize working with textures in similar tones that goes for furniture, walls, rugs, and window treatments. And finally, when it comes to decoration, we accessorize with restraint, choosing quality over quantity.

Minimalist design is the most basic style: we make the home calm by bringing it back to basics. We remove unnecessary objects and furniture by replacing them with functional furniture, focusing on more information by using geometric shapes and embracing white space by choosing neutral colors.

The path to mastering a minimalist home starts with your philosophy, not your furniture. Starting with the well-known saying “less is more” and working with elements that make a successful minimalist design.

These are fundamental rules of minimalist styling:

  • Less is More! Every piece of furniture is selected with intent.

  • Clean Lines: Sleek furniture designs, bare walls, and no clutter.

  • Quality Over Quantity: Budget for large wall art instead of a gallery wall.

  • Neutral Base: Create a calm environment using a color palette with shades.

  • Use Texture: Less color and more texture to add depth with different materials.


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