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Home Staging Statistics 2017

In 2015 the National Association of Relators conducted a survey on home staging interviewing 2,300 real estate agents. Among other statistics the survey focused on highlighting the benefits of staging and how often real estate agents recommended staging to their clients.

This year a new survey was made and not much has changed! The only differences found on the 2017 report are the high demand of staging outdoor spaces and the importance of staging each room of the home.

FOR BUYERS On the buyer's perspective only 4% of buyers did not have their view of the home affected by staging. While 77% of buyers found it easier to visualize the property as their future home and 40% are more willing to make an appointment to see a home they saw online. Living room and master bedroom come on top two on the level of importance buyers see on a single room while guest bedroom and kid's bedroom are important to only 10% of buyers.

FOR SELLERS For sellers, 38% of their agents hire professional stagers for all homes before listing them for sale while only 10% do not use professional staging services on their listings at all. Another 37% do not stage but suggest professional decluttering, organization and maintenance of property faults.

INCREASE IN VALUE vs. TIME ON THE MARKET A Staged home has shown to increase the dollar value offered compared to similar homes. An increase of 1 to 5% in value was evident in 29% of homes while another 21% of the sold properties showed an increase between 6 and 10% of its value. That added to the time a property sits on the market can influence significantly the sales and the seller experience. An average of 62% of agents stated that a staged home decreases the a mount of time it is on the market while only 8% of sellers reported that a staged home increased the time it was on the market.


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