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Interior Design Trends for 2018

Every year brings more options for materials, finishes and ideas for our homes. Some of it require more than a staging project for designers, but the collaborative work with architects and engineers to reach the final look. But for us stagers and brokers ready to try something new and upgrade their listings look with DIY ideas, consider these 6 design trends for 2018.

1.Matte black finishes. Last year satin brass made its way to the trendy spot in kitchens, this year matte black is taking over for bathrooms and kitchen appliances. Its versatile finish and durability has caught the attention of homeowners looking for a contemporary design.

2.More color in kitchens. Looking to personalize their space, homeowners are adding more gray and blue color to counter tops, warm wood accent tones to walls and painted cabinets to bring a sophisticated look. Another trend is the placement of dining table in the kitchen. With the intention to promote more interaction to those dining, instead of the one direction seat range found in kitchen islands family and friends can now face each other.

3.Glass divider for bathtub. One of my favorite trends for this year is the glass door for shower-tub combos. It adds space to any bathroom and the clear view brings in sophistication, specially if you have a statement tile in the back of your shower-tub!

4.Concrete accents. Concrete has always been popular, but its use will surprise you when you find the material in furniture, wall coverings, accessories and countertops.

5.Casual and calm bedrooms. A good night sleep seems to be the new trend, calm patterns and objects are replacing the busy decor and eye-opening colors. Neutrality, simplicity and functional pieces will bring just the right amount of relaxing vibe for a restful night.

6.Ceiling details. More attention looking up, whether you use paint, wallpaper or textures

Source: Houzz, Pinterest


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